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SEEQ & LINQ, frequent vs infrequent symptoms


  • In approximately 1 out of 7 cases of heart palpitations, the cause cannot be identified.1
  • While palpitations are usually benign, they can be an indication of a potentially life-threatening arrhythmia.2
  • The following conditions increase the likelihood of an abnormal heart rhythm3:
    • Known heart disease at the time the palpitations begin
    • Significant risk factors for heart disease
    • An abnormal heart valve
    • An electrolyte abnormality in the blood—for example, a low potassium level

Reveal® Insertable Cardiac Monitoring can provide essential symptom-rhythm correlation for patients suffering from recurrent palpitations by continuously monitoring heart rhythms for up to three years.4

Patient Selection Considerations

For palpitations patients, the symptom frequency and severity should be considered when deciding between short-term monitoring with SEEQ MCT and long-term monitoring with Reveal LINQ ICM.

Unexplained Palpitations

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